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Thank you for visiting our website. All items that are for sale have prices in Canadian funds and we accept cheques, money orders, email transfers and cash. Cheques from outside of the Okanagan will be cleared before shipment of artwork is complete. We would be happy to arrange shipment to any world wide destination with the shipping costs charged to the client. If you live in or are visiting the Okanagan area of British Columbia, we would love to show you our gallery and sculpture gardens located at 3981 Richardson Rd. Tappin, BC, Canada. Business hours are from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm Tuesday through Sunday.

Inquiries from wholesale customers, galleries and exhibitors are welcome.

Edward Goodon, Metis Artist & Sculptor

The creative force behind Metal Dream Designs, Edward's spirit soars as a metal sculptor. In his words "beginning of my explorations in form may be a type of material, an idea, scrap on the floor, a vision, a sketch, or nothing at all: just pure play. I try to create sculptures that play on the basic nature and ruggedness of the metals I use. I believe it's necessary to ensure that each sculpture expresses just the right emotion".

Welded steel, recycled metal and more come to life as Edward sculpts them into fluid, organic forms and “personalities". “I guess I’ve always been an Artist, building sculptures and art pieces has been a hobby of mine for the past 40 years". His work over the years has evolved into a diverse collection of garden sculptures and decorative indoor art pieces. "My ancestry is metis and this influence can be seen in several of my earlier pieces. Some of the items used were actual items my dad and I used when trapping and hunting as a young man".

After many compliments and much encouragement from everyone who has seen his work, he decided that it was time to give his work the exposure it deserved. With the help of his wife, he began bringing his work to the public with the creation of Metal Dream Designs in 2005. >

Debbie Goodon, Marketing Manager

Debbie has been a management accountant for the past 35 years. She has handled the management and business affairs of several large companies in a variety of industries over the years. More recently, she has been involved in marketing, including website creation. "Debbie has been instrumental in creating the website and working “shows” that we attend every year as well as “hands on” work involved in bringing the artwork to life" says Edward.

About the company

Metal Dream Designs is a family business - husband, wife and our dog Meka (she is the security for the company and loves everyone). Born and raised in rural Manitoba, as children we were inspired by the natural surroundings. After working most of our lives in industrial settings, we bought an acreage in 1999 (Carr’s Landing area) that inspired us to get back to what we enjoy the most in life. After moving to Vernon several years later to give our work more exposure, we moved to Tappen BC in 2016 to live in a very peaceful and inspiring setting in the country overlooking the Shuswap Lake.

Metal Dream Designs has a dedicated following, with several clients purchasing multiple pieces of artwork. The artwork is displayed in residential gardens and homes around Kelowna, Winfield, Vernon, Carr’s Landing, Whiterock, Victoria, Calgary, New York and England. Branching out to commercial projects and custom pieces has added a new dimention and an additional source of satisfaction.

Ed enjoys working on industrial and commercial projects as well but the residential has always been his most satisfaction. He has worked on a variety of projects including fabricating a boat dock frame, refurishing a boat lift, and building a spiral staircase and deck railings. He has also customized trailors with gates and rakes. With his talents and creative approach, he can solve problems from a unique perspective. You can see some of his projects on "Custom projects" page on this website.

We hope you enjoy our artwork as much as we enjoy creating it.

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