Gallery 3 - Custom & Commissioned - Art & Sculpture

These creative pieces are ones we have sold over the past 13 years and are very proud of. Its a variety of sculptures and art work that we have created or have been commissioned by customers with their interestes in mind... Althought we do dulpicate any piece, we would love to create a piece for you with your interestes in mind...Enjoy!

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Eddy the Eagle

What an amazing tribute to the eagle! Must be seen to truly appreciated...

Size: 40" high x 23" wide wingspan - branch 60"

Weighs: 15 lbs. each


Eagle Eye

A magnaficant piece that was created for the top of a beatle killed tree or large rock overlooking the backyard.

Size: 54" x 46" wide

Weight: 15 lbs.

Not for Sale

Eagle Weather Vane

Beautiful and functional - this would be a great piece in your backyard!

Size: 40" x 33" wide

Weight: 8 lbs.


Just the Three of US

This piece was inspired by "family" and was created for a special couple from South Surrey BC...they placed at the end of a hallway so it is visably from inside and outside of their home.

Size: 78" x 42" wide

Weight: 60 lbs.


Jen's Vases

Jennette created thess beautiful vases and we created the stands to hold them. Jennette is very talented...

Size: 18" high x 5" wide & 16" high x 7.5" wide

Price: $175.00 & $125.00 per piece

Patricia's Fish

Patricia is a fellow artist that creates beautiful work with glass...when she needed stands for some of her pieces, she came to us.

Size: 17" high x 13" wide

Not for sale


Ted took a journey across the ocean to England to live on the customer's mantle. The customer sent this picture from her home and told us she named him after his creater...

Size: 10" high x 5" wide

Weight: 2 lbs.


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